About us

Dutch Biofuels was established in the beginning of 2019 by three entrepreneurs with a clear vision in mind: sustainably create added value for everyone involved in the supply chain of the biofuel industry.

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We are defined by specialist knowledge with regard to product compositions, market developments, logistic processes and worldwide legislation of biofuels and their feedstocks. We supply customers all over the world in all products related to the biodiesel scope and have our own UCO collecting and UCO processing facility with 2.000MT storage capacity close to the port of Rotterdam. Furthermore, our mother organization is in the process of building its own Biodiesel facility with a production capacity of 20.000MT annually.
Dutch Biofuels is a joint venture cooperation with Kanola Vethandel which has been a UCO collector for the past 25 years.


Our warehouse is situated between Utrecht and Rotterdam being an ideal central location close to the Rotterdam port as well as it having a convenient connection to neighboring countries like Germany or Belgium. Our accessibility is excellent being situated right next to the highway A27 connecting Utrecht with Rotterdam.

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The processing facility contains a large unloading dock at which our tanktrucks, flexitanks, IBC's, barrels (or whatever packaging you could think of) can be unloaded in a blink of an eye. Even with rock solid materials in wintertime we have absolutely no issue to unload this in our discharging facility.
The storage facility at our premise consists of 8 tanks with capacity varying between 30 MT to up to 300 MT with a total capacity of ± 2.000MT. Dealing with several smaller tanks gives us the opportunity to blend materials and create products with any requested quality.
We have truck accessibility with a parking lot for 20+ trucks with a weighing bridge at the entrance of our premise.
A high-tech lab with latest testing gear is situated in the main building where we can test over 10 parameters for the quality assurance of our incoming and outgoing products.


As an important partner of the biodiesel industry, Dutch Biofuels has specialized in used cooking oils (UCOs), Free Fatty Acids (FFA's), Soapstock, Palm Fatty Acid Destillate (PFAD) as raw materials for the biodiesel market. In addition to the feedstocks for biodiesel we also deal with the biodiesel itself namely FAME and UCOME.

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With regard to the dual deductibility of biodiesel and the associated greenhouse gas calculation, complete traceability of the supply chain is essential. Thus, Dutch Biofuels is relevantly certified according to the ISCC EU sustainability guidelines. We regularly analyze our raw materials in our internal lab for important quality criteria such as FFA, Sulphur, Iodine, MIU, Phosphorus, etc.
According to current EU regulations, we obtain all of our products solely from approved and registered production companies.

Quality assurance

Dutch Biofuels has committed to the highest sustainability and quality requirements to fulfil the needs of our customers. For the production of biodiesel, a precise and regular quality control is essential to guarantee a uniform and high-quality end product.

All of our raw materials are regularly analyzed in our internal lab, so that we can examine and ascertain any type of raw material parameters at the customer's demand.

Our Services

  • Storage

    Dutch Biofuels has storage capacity of 2.000MT divided over 8 different tanks. Furthermore, we have an unloading dock with an underground tank with heating spirals for segregation purposes. Her we filter our products but also segregate any water or impurities in the material. After running through unloading facility all products are left with less than 0.5% moisture and impurities.

  • Tolling

    The warehouse at Dutch Biofuels is specialized in unpacking Flexibags with a very efficient and effective method. We can take any quality product in any season. 100% of product will be unloaded and can be liquified and stored in our tanks. We offer unpacking services to third party clients with excellence, speed and efficiency and with thorough knowledge of the specifications of each product stored in the tank through analysis in our internal lab.

  • Blending

    We developed our own software for an up-to-date calculation of our tank volumes with corresponding specifications. These values are calculated every second and we have pumps and connecting pipes between tanks for blending purposes. Up to now we always have successfully delivered product quality in line with our client's request.

  • Buying / Selling

    We are always searching for products either locally or from overseas. We are very flexible in taking in different qualities as long as quality is discussed and approved by us beforehand. We are also always looking for new strategic partners that are interested in buying products in line with expectations of our customers. We offer you certainty. Our motto is: what you order is what you get!

  • Transport

    We have at our disposal several tankers and trucks which we operate for our transport all over Europe. Furthermore, we use more than 20 independent transport companies who are being sent to various locations to deliver our product or to empty one's tank. This way we can guarantee for an efficient, reliable and quick delivery and pick up of goods from and to your premises anywhere in Europe.


Dutch Biofuels is certified as a Trader with Storage and as a Warehouse, according to ISCC EU sustainability guidelines and guarantees complete traceability of the supply chain

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Companies which collect or transport waste (industrial or hazardous) on a professional basis or which arrange for disposal or recovery of waste (industrial or hazardous) for others must be registered on the Dutch list of collectors, transporters, dealers and brokers of waste (VIHB-list). Dutch Biofuels is registered under VIHB (NIWO)

ISCC Sustainability

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  • Job offer

  • We are recruiting a Tanker Driver who can execute hauling from and to our warehouse in Lexmond.
    We can offer a contract for a minimum duration of 12 months and we provide attractive remuneration on a 5 day (Monday - Friday) work base. There are both day and night shifts available dependant on your preference.
    You will be carrying out relatively short distance tanker deliveries of liquid products between depots based in mainly Netherlands and Germany – no ADR licence required. As an experienced (minimum 3 years experience is requested) and professional tanktruck driver you will have a valid C+E driver licence, digi tacho and know how to follow safety policies and procedures. Due to the location, you will need to have personal transport to get to our warehouse, however truck and trailer will made available by us.
    This is a great opportunity to work with a large established company and may open doors to a permanent role in the future with a company that offers its employees great career progression. If you would like to be considered, please send an email to info@dutchbiofuels.com or call Vincent Eernstman on 0031 (0) 6 496 544 26


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Driemolensweg 17
4128 LS, Lexmond
The Netherlands

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